Welcome To Clue Kingom!

 A 6 part epic online escape room experience for 1 to 6 players. Follow the journey of our heroes as they make their way to The Spire to defeat the evil wizard Avibarin who controls the land. 

Experience many different mysterious locations, solve mind-bending puzzles, and delve into the story of Clue Kingdom. 

Clue Kingdom will be releasing one 60 minute experience every month! You will receive an email with your login details to continue your journey leading up to the final quest of The Spire in November! 

Part 1 - The Enchanted Forest (Out Now)
Part 2 - The Mines (Out Now) 
Part 3 - The Forgotten City (Out Now) 
Part 4 - The Hidden Village (Out Now) 
Part 5 - The Secrets of the Ocean (Out Now) 
Part 6 - The Spire (Approx November 27th)